Much better balance between career and family


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Not enough hours in the day, working several evenings and flooded to-do list

My Life at Work

I had the feeling that I never accomplished what I needed to. I always felt behind of schedule and had to spend my evenings catching up and finalizing my tasks.

My to-do list was constantly flooded, and I had to push tasks back and forth to make ends meet. Usually, the heavy tasks were pushed to the next week, and I focused on the hands-on, smaller tasks that could be solved quickly.

Pushing the heavier, more strategic tasks was not a good strategy but it felt like the only thing I could do. However, by pushing them until the deadline was looming, everything became very stressful, and I felt I had not delivered my best.

It was a paradox. I was being measured on these very tasks and also found them most exciting and rewarding.


One day, I heard a podcast with Marie from timewellspent, and the things she talked about resonated completely with me. She articulated things I had been thinking about for a long time. Why don’t we have time to do what we should do? Time is the only resource that is limited, and we need to maximize our use of it.

Already at the first meeting, we started making significant changes. In the course of three weeks’ coaching and education, more areas of focus and more tools were gradually added. Everything was based on equal parts of scientific theory, effective solutions, and hands-on practical advice on optimizing personal performance.


My life has changed. Today, there is a much better balance between my job and tasks on the one hand and my family on the other.

Taking Control of Your Calendar

One of the changes, I successfully have implemented, is calendar management. As a case in point, I schedule focus time in my calendar: dedicated time for immersion and heavier tasks. I also only book 70% of my time. With time to spare, there is room for ad hoc tasks and ‘out of the blue’ jobs that naturally occur in everyday life. My planning is no longer disrupted and there is no need to rearrange tasks and appointments.

The Art of Saying No

I am aware of my priorities: which tasks I work on. My colleagues sometimes experience me saying ‘no’ whereas in the past, I only declined a task if it was an IMPOSSIBLE deadline. Today, I prioritize the tasks that I am measured on and that fall under my area of responsibility. As a result, my strategic, heavier tasks are top quality deliveries, living 100% up to my own satisfaction.

Holistic Approach

My process with timewellspent has made me reflect: What do I really spend my time on? What is important to me? Now when I am together with my daughter, I am present and focus solely on her. No mobile phone on the side. It all comes down to what YOU want to achieve outside of work. Do you want to have time for a run three times a week? Do you want to pick up your daughter at 3 or 5 pm? Your personal life should be prioritized, being a source of energy, inspiration, and good ideas. All of which help you to be successful in your job.

Three Things to Think About

1. Previously, I had three different alarm systems and several different to-do lists. It rang and beeped with alarms and notifications provoking more stress and anxiety.

2. We all tend to be overly optimistic about our time. We think that jobs take far less time to complete. I have now learned that things take time and I allocate the time needed.

3. Working three-four evenings can be very dissatisfying for your better half. Both me and my wife have realized how much this work habit negatively affected us and our life together. We now really enjoy and prioritize our evenings together.


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