Get full control of your worklife with Marie’s
1:1 sessions

Get your time back in 7 weeks with new proactive routines that will transform your worklife

Get a new perspective on your work life and build sustainable habits that stick.

Transform your ways of working

Spend your time with intent

Plan your days based on behaviour

Create maximum success through new methods

Invest in future work habits and get a work life you can’t wait to start 

Who are 1:1 sessions for?

You are motivated to improve your work habits, but it is hard figuring out where to start. You have your own unique responsibilities, organizational culture, family situation, personal preferences, colleagues, and team dynamics to consider, and you need structures and solutions that take those things into account.

These individual sessions are made for you

What to expect?

Topics the 1:1’s often touch on optimal tools for personal effectiveness, setting up your productive workflow, inbox management and a holistic approach to creating an environment suited to Happy High Performance – where brain management is a key component with fewer distractions and more energy during your day. However, no two individual sessions are the same.

In close collaboration, you and Marie will design work habits that support both your preferred workday and the future work life you want to cultivate. 

How the 1:1 sessions will help you

Each session is focused on the specific changes that will have the greatest impact on your day, such as: 

• identify key practices for designing a healthy work life
• taking control over immediate stressors like your calendar, inbox, and meeting schedule
• clearly define your priorities
• learn to manage distractions 
• effective ways to energize during busy days
• build a roadmap to stay on top of new great habits

A typical 1:1 commitment consists of a 1:1 workshop, where we deepdive into your workday and specify your most impactfull changes and setting up your new structure + weekly sessions over 7 weeks (depending on your needs and schedule). Your investment is 18.500 DKK.

Your ideal future work life 

By the end of your sessions, you will have established strong, sustainable routines. Those routines will enable you to spend your time with intent, be more efficient at work, and—most importantly—to be more present in life. 1:1 coaching lays the foundation for you to become a Happy High Performer.

Contact Marie to begin mapping your ideal future work life. 

The 1:1 sessions are available in both Danish and English.

What Marie’s clients are saying

No two individual sessions are the same - because you have your unique responsibility, demands, structure, 

Invest in future work habits and achieve your goals every day. In Marie’s 1:1 sessions, you will learn to focus on what really makes a difference. Every session is adapted to your needs and daily work.

At the end of the seven weeks you will have the tools to optimize your working habits and be more efficient at work - and more present in life.

The sessions are individual in terms of your needs and behavioral habits. Most often, the 1:1s touch upon personal effectiveness, inbox issues, workflows, and creating a calm environment with fewer distractions, good mental pauses, and overall happy high performance.

These sessions will boost your performance and job satisfaction in the long run, and change your work life for the better.

Contact Marie to find the ideal solution for you.


Marie gave me the overview I had been missing. She managed to turn complex life goals into concrete tasks that can be resolved on a Wednesday. It has given me a whole new perspective on task management, and I feel much more confident in my company's operations.

Sandra Wolf Pedersen, CEO, Websubstans

The only “complaint” I have is that we didn’t meet 5 years ago

The energy, heft, and expertise Marie brings to the table has blown me away. Talking about time management and effectiveness may be a little boring for many, but my session with Marie ultimately touched on life satisfaction, dreams, and self-image.

The biggest “ah-ha” moment for me has been the belief that Marie can give me the tools to strengthen my work methods, and help me strengthen my focus on the many different important priorities I’m juggling.

Bjørn Barfoed Vestergaard, CEO of PodUp

The strength of Marie’s 1:1 course is that it’s based on what you concretely need to improve.

Marie continuously introduced concrete, relevant, hands-on techniques and tools—and that made all the difference for me to move from being run over by emails in my inbox and back-to-back meetings in my calendar to having control of both my inbox and calendar—giving me the time and energy to be a more present and proactive leader.

Inge Hansen, Skattestyrelsen (Danish Tax Authority)

Marie’s focus on structure builds calm. Marie’s regular follow-ups establish the necessary commitment. Marie makes it possible to stick to the changes even when things are going a little too fast, because in the long run, it’s time incredibly well spent. I’m all in—so far, it’s been such a pleasure.

Anne Kjærhus Mortensen, Lawyer

I have saved far more time than I invested in my 1:1 sessions, but the best thing is the overview I have gained. It makes my working life more fun. I am happier, which means my colleagues also benefit from the investment. 😉

If you are a time optimist—if you want to be a better planner and work from a single overview, saving time and freeing up memory power by doing away with your bad conscience—then I highly recommend an investment in Marie and TimeWellSpent.

Allan Ohms, Lawyer, Partner, Forum Lawyers

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