Terms and conditions

When booking a workshop, presentation, or 1:1 sessions, you accept the following conditions:


Once Timewellspent accepts a requested booking in writing, both the client and Timewellspent are thereby obligated to meet the terms and conditions of the booking. Contracts are not required to complete a booking with Timewellspent.


The client is obligated to provide the required equipment for presentations and workshops, including: a site and meeting room appropriate for the agreed-upon number of participants, plus a projector with suitable screen/white wall or a presentation-sized monitor. For events with more than 100 attendees, the client is also obligated to provide appropriate lighting and sound.

Timewellspent will bring a laptop and connection adapters as well as any required handouts.


Payment should be made via bank transfer to Timewellspent’s account as it is written on the invoice. Invoices will be sent upon completion of the service. Payment is due within eight days unless other arrangements have been made. For 1:1 sessions the full payment is due after the first 3 hour session.

Accrual of interest and late fees

Late payments will incur 1.5% interest, applied monthly, as well as a late fee.

Changes and cancellations

Timewellspent must be notified in writing of any changes or cancellations. The change or cancellation does not take effect until the client has received a written confirmation from Timewellspent.

Changes by the client

There is no cost for the client to change a confirmed order if that change is completed more than six weeks prior to the start of the reserved services. For a change made six weeks or less before the start of the reserved services, the following fees apply:

-6-4 weeks prior to the start date: 25% of the investment

– 4-2 weeks prior to the start date: 50% of the investment

– 2-1 weeks prior to the start date: 75% of the investment

– less than 1 week prior to the start date: 100% of the investment

Changing the order can only be done once. If the client wishes to amend the order more than once, it will be treated as a cancellation, whereby the terms of cancellation apply (see next paragraph).

Cancellation by the client

It is free of charge to cancel an order up to 12 weeks before the start date. In the case of cancellations occurring 12 weeks or less before the start date, the entire investment will be charged. If the cancellation is to an activity or service that the client has already changed once, 100% of the investment will be charged—regardless of the planned date.

Cancellation by timewellspent

Timewellspent retains the right to cancel workshops, courses, presentations, and events in the case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of a cancellation, Timewellspent will always help to find another expert to fill the role.

Timewellspent reserves the right of cancellation if the customer has not met the terms of the agreement. In cases when the expert has already arrived but the client has not provided the needed conditions or equipment, the expert is entitled to the full payment as well as possible additional expenditures such as VAT and travel costs.

Virtual services

It is not permitted to record any online services including presentations, workshops, and 1:1 sessions. Any need for recording or expanded transmission (for example, audio and/or visual broadcasting or streaming to other sites) must be described in writing prior to the event and be confirmed in writing by Timewellspent.

If a recording or transmission happens without written consent from Timewellspent, Timewellspent reserves the right to fine the client up to four times the previously agreed-on cost of the booked event.

This contract can be annulled in the case of force majeure, prohibitions and restrictions, or serious traffic impediments (including ice or blockaded roads) that make it physically impossible for the speaker to arrive on time.